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Our Story

Creatives Globe started in 2021 while we were studying a postgraduate course in creative writing amidst the covid19 pandemic. It was a predestined and positive encounter as we discovered we shared similar creative interests, passions, and values.

As we approached graduation, we realized that the creative people around us, the original works and the inspiring stories that has touched us so much, would simply be forgotten over time and the efforts wasted. We also became painfully aware that there was no safe and integrated platform for creatives to call their permanent home, protect and share their work, and build a financial future for themselves and their loved ones.

We initially explored a co-op idea which quickly evolved to include other areas of creative expressions, and finally to a digital platform. Our team expanded to include like-minded people outside our group who shared our vision and purpose. With greater clarity and direction, we developed a blueprint for a global platform, repository and marketplace for original works leveraging advances in smart technology and diverse fields of creativity.

We intentionally prioritise people over profits, while balancing and maintaining commercial viability. Our platform promises to provide a safe and compassionate home for all creatives and its community to flourish by empowering both artistic and financial freedom, and a clear path for self-determination.

We are very excited about the future as we move forward from ideation into developing a functional platform. As our team continues to evolve and grow, we would love for you to grow with us.

Join us and be a part of our shared global vision towards human flourishing!

Meet Our Team

Vincent Ang_bio_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Vincent Ang

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Strategist, Activator, Builder

KK Profile pciture 3_edited.jpg

KK Han

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Curious, Teachable, Grateful

Rosanna profile picture_edited_edited.jpg

Rosanna Gaerlan

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Artist, Journalist, Techpreneur

Darren Profile Pic_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Darren Fong

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Analytical, Deliberative, Emphatic

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